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Many individuals have disability insurance that is provided through their union or work or that is acquired independently. Have you experienced a situation where the insurance company has either cancelled or denied your claim? Our Vancouver law firm will assist you with your legal claim. Disability insurance claims require an understanding of the insurance contracts dealing with short-term and long-term disability payments and ‘any occupation’ and ‘own occupation’ clauses.

Serving the Vancouver metro area, Epstein Law is an established law firm that represents clients in personal injury law, including motor vehicle accidents/ICBC claims and disability insurance claims. We are experienced, knowledgeable of the law and dedicated to providing a high level of service for our clients.

Denied Insurance Coverage Disputes and Claims

Disabilities such as fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome can be more difficult to prove from a medical standpoint, allowing insurance companies greater opportunity to deny your claim. With a strong focus in personal injury law, we are familiar with many different types of injuries and how they affect an individual’s ability to work, complete day-to-day activities and provide for their family. Insurance contracts typically have specialized clauses dealing with short- and long-term disability including ‘any and own’ occupation clauses.

Having an understanding of a denied insurance claim from both a medical and legal standpoint allows us to most effectively meet our clients’ needs. We use our knowledge of the law for you to recover the benefits, wage loss and compensation you deserve. We are experienced at handling many types of claims involving illnesses and disabilities, such as:

Our team will work diligently on your behalf and make certain that your best interests are kept in the foreground at all times. We explain the legal issues involved in your claim and inform you of your legal options. Our goal is to help you resolve your issue in an effective yet efficient manner.

Serving Areas Such as New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Moody, White Rock and Surrey — Denied Claims Lawyers

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your situation. To schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us at 604-685-4321. Off-site appointments are available by request.

With a Lawyer, You Can Spend Your Time Getting Better

We will coordinate your health care treatment, deal with the Insurance Company, track down witnesses and obtain accident reconstructionists to find out how the accident occurred. We will get you the doctors and specialists you need to recover. We will get you financing while you are unable to work. You can then focus your time and energy on getting better. Injuries are stressful to you financially, mentally and spiritually. They are a drain on your family and your well-being. Let us fight for your rights against an Insurance Company whose only goal is to minimize its payments to you and have you settle early.

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