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We’ll Passionately Represent Your Interests

Nobody wants to find themselves in a legal battle. However, when you do you want an experienced and passionate representative to make sure you’re properly represented.

Mark and his team have extensive experience in and out of court for matters like:

  • Personal Injury
  • ICBC Accident Cases
  • Family Law
  • Estate Law
  • Business Law

Second Generation Experience

Epstein Law was established in 1958 by Irvine E. Epstein, QC and has a long and successful history defending and representing our clients in all courts right up to the Supreme Court of Canada.

As a second generation Vancouver Lawyer, Mark knows what it takes to aggressively represent his clients.

Mark has been practicing in Vancouver for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in personal injury, family and business law, with the common thread of ensuring he represents his clients passionately and aggressively.

Mark Epstein, Vancouver Lawyer

Knowledgeable advice and assertive advocacy

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer, Family Lawyer and Business Lawyer

“Practice the discipline of gratitude.
So regardless of how hard the days are, how difficult the decisions are, be grateful. Be grateful for being a human being, being part of the universe. Be grateful for your limitations. Know that you have to reach out to have more people be with you, to support you, to advise you, listen to your critics, answer the questions. But at the end, be grateful. Practice the discipline of gratitude. And that has helped me enormously.”
– Henri Nouwen

50+ Years of History on Your Side

Established in 1958, Epstein Law serves clients throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. Led by Mark Epstein, we have a reputation for providing quality and professional legal services. We understand that our clients are seeking top-notch legal representation, so we work diligently to ensure that we deliver results that are in their best interests. We will utilize our experience, knowledge of the law and resources to help achieve a favourable outcome on your behalf. Our resources include a team of experts and professionals in various fields such as health care and legal research. We are the ‘go to’ law firm for many Employment Assistance Plans (EAPs).

Personal Injury

We represent injured victims in a wide range of personal injury matters, including motor vehicle accidents/ICBC claims; disputed liability claims; low-impact, minimal damage claims; truck accidents; motorcycle accidents; pedestrian accidents; bicycle accidents; disability insurance claims; head, neck and back injuries; soft tissue injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Our goal is to assist you in receiving the maximum award and benefits to which you are entitled in a timely way. You can rely on Epstein Law for professional and quality legal representation.

We offer flexible fee arrangements for contingency/percentage fee cases, such as those involving personal injury matters. Our fees range from 15 percent to 33 percent. Depending on your circumstances, we make arrangements that meet your needs. There is no fee if we are not successful in obtaining an award on your behalf. We offer in person consultations at your residence, hospital, or convenient locations for you, so you do not have to travel to see us.

We pay your disbursements and court fees up front. We can arrange financing for you so you receive income while you are not working. We will work to make sure you receive disability payments while out of work. We do not charge interest on our fees or disbursements like most personal injury lawyers within the province. We do not charge fees on advances given by ICBC before your case is settled unlike other law firms.

Family Law

We represent a wide range of clients in family law matters, including divorce, same-sex marriages, custody, access, child support, spousal support, division of assets and legal matters involving common law relationships, mediation and collaborative law. Our team will take a straightforward approach to your situation and work diligently on your behalf so that your case is settled with minimal legal expense in a quick and efficient manner. We understand the emotional and financial turmoil that a divorce has on your family, and our goal is to meet your needs and get you the best possible award quickly and efficiently.

We recognize some files cannot be settled, and in that case, we gladly will take on the file aggressively to protect and fight for you without backing down. In such a case, we fight hard for you, period.

Estate Law

We assist clients with many estate law matters, including handling disputes that involve contested Wills, Wills Variation Actions, Intestate Wills, Letters of Administration, Probates, Wills Estates and Succession Matters, Estate Administration Act matters, Proving of Wills in Solemn Form, contested trusts and contested guardianships. Our team works to resolve disputes as effectively as possible and in a way that looks out for your financial and personal well-being.

We routinely draft Wills, Representation Agreements and Powers of Attorney. Upon the passing of an individual we perform the Wills Searches, deal with the Public Trustee, deal with the funeral home, send notices out to the beneficiaries and Probate the Estates

We also represent, in the probate process (or approving the estate), those who have lost a loved one. Our lawyers will guide you through every step and make the administration process as seamless as possible.

In the event of a contested estate, we will move quickly to protect the assets and beneficiaries to the estate by filing the necessary court documents.

Business Law

Our firm handles a wide range of business law matters. We will help your business get started on the right foot with business formation services, including incorporation, contract drafting, lease negotiation, corporate structuring, commercial contracts, collections and drafting. At Epstein Law, we handle business commercial litigation, including contract disputes, shareholder disputes and commercial disputes. We strongly advocate your best interests and work to resolve these matters.

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At Epstein Law, we offer free initial consultations in all areas of law. Please contact us at 604-685-4321 to schedule a consultation. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your situation.

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