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The firm began under the tutelage of Irvine Epstein, Roy Logie and George Kincaid as Kincaid Epstein in 1958. It quickly grew to be the largest firm representing all insurance companies in the Province dealing with Motor Vehicle Accidents, personal injury, small-business matters, Supreme Court and the BC Court of Appeal work, as well as all manner of legal issues of the individual.

By the early 1990s, the firm decided that it would not represent insurance companies but rather individuals with insurance claims and personal injury matters. Insurance companies were becoming more litigious and unfair when it came to their insureds. They used large corporate law firms where the individual needs of people seem are lost in big budgets and profit.

Here at Epstein Law, we wanted to represent the individual and small-business owner from cradle to grave. Our desire was to keep clients happy and create relationships. Our philosophy is that one needs a good relationship with clients in the stressful times when they need our help. We adopted fair billing practices. We continued to draft Wills, deal with all manner of Estate work, negotiate Family and Divorce Disputes, settle and litigate motor vehicle and personal injury cases, fight insurance companies on Disability cases, sue for medical malpractice and negotiate the trials and tribulations of our clients when it came to dealing with their corporate matters.

In the 1990s, the firm merged with Wood Wong Wexler to become Epstein Wood Wong Wexler. The firm has since evolved to become Epstein Law. We are a full-service law firm dealing with all manner of legal issues that the individual may require long term relationships, representing our client’s best interests in tough economic times. Our philosophy is to take an aggressive approach when representing our clients while advising them honestly as to the success of their case, and keeping their legal fees as low as possible. We do not sell you false hopes with accompanying large fees, we give you fair and honest opinions keeping mindful of your costs.

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